Why CloudDesk?

Here at CloudDesk we love Xero and its "ecosystem" of add-ons. They give small business access to technologies which would traditionally have been cost prohibitive and restricted to large enterprises.

However, as the new generation of cloud-based business tools grows, your business data can become disjointed and spread across multiple sites.

CloudDesk is all about making life easier to get access to your online data.

Use multiple online systems?

Easily bring your data from many cloud systems into one place. CloudDesk currently supports Xero, WorkflowMax and Vend.

Want to analyse your cloud data in Excel?

With CloudDesk you can easily create Excel files straight from your data. Easily refresh your Excel files when the data is updated.

Manage multiple organisations?

No problem! CloudDesk Database and CloudDesk User Reporting allow you to connect to as many Xero organisations as you want.

Have users that need access to some reports?

This is exactly what CloudDesk User Reporting is designed for! Assign individual users access to selected Xero reports. Give your credit controller access to Aged Receivables, give your accounts officer access to aged payables. Neither of them need access to your P&L and Balance Sheet!

Want to backup your online data?

Create as many zip archives of your data as you need. Easily run your queries and Excel reports straight from your prior backups without unzipping or restoring files!

Use a different cloud system?

If you use another online system for your business, let us know and we will look at adding it to CloudDesk.

Use more than one computer?

No problem! You can use CloudDesk on as many computers as you need. Once you have subscribed you can access your data wherever you like.

Want to try it out?

CloudDesk's reporting tools are free to use, so why not Register Now!

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